Before we arrived in to Phucket we would always pronounce it as “Fuck it.” This seemed fitting when we were quitting our jobs to go to the other side of the world. Fuck it.

Being new into Thailand & not really knowing how these things worked we hopped on to a wooden bus & hoped for the best, this is how we ended up at Surin beach & it actually turned out to be a rather pleasant surprise. The white sandy beaches & clear sea did not disappoint I even encountered seeing two little fishes. How little did I know that there was so much more in store for us, even now it is hard to comprehend.
After walking along the beachfront we reached some stairs which we naturally decided to follow. Reaching the top there was a trail up a mountain & a spectacular view behind us, the sun now setting on the sea.
Little did we know that if you spent all day here, like we did, the buses stopped running rather early so it appeared we were now stranded. Adventure didn’t take long to set in.  That being said it was worth it just to witness an incredible sunset, one of many to come.
An hour & half later we managed to hunt down a taxi that whisked us back to Win Backpacker.

What a perfect way to spend your birthday.


Old Phucket town was lovely to explore, colourful buildings mixed in with the old architecture gave the place a really lovely vibe. That being said be prepared in Phucket that they’re aren’t really any pavements at all by which I mean they are basically 2 inches wide & you may only walk along them in single file. After following a very colourful street we came to discover our very first temple! It was simply magnificent you could easily stand there & admire its beauty all day. The tranquility of the ground & the temple were just so different compared to the hustle 7 bustle of the streets that normally surrounded Phucket.


Big Buddha is an experience I hope to never forget! We had inquired about getting to Big Buddha & agreed upon a price, little did we know it was on a moped & it was for the three of us to be on the same moped! This of course seemed a little crazy to us, coming from England where it is two to a bike in full protective clothing where as here I had seen up to 5 people on one bike just wearing helmets if they were fortunate enough to own them.
It took us 40 minutes to reach our destination but the ride alone was so worth it. We had to go up a very steep windy mountain & the views were just incredible.
Our driver Joey was a very kind man & a little to friendly but that all played a part in  the experience. He also had a very strong obsession with the song Gangnam Style & I think he sung it at least 30 times. On the way back down from Big Buddha the sun was setting & the landscape was breath taking, we stopped at view point & I tried to etch the view into my memory forever. How lucky was I to be standing here right now & witnessing such beauty?
Life is great.