Sarat Thani



We travelled through/up/on top of a mountain to reach Surat Thani from Khao Lak.
On arrival we found the shrine that we wanted to visit it was beautiful & very peaceful. We then crossed over the road to admire the harbour & with that began to explore the rest of Surat Thani. We stumbled upon a hidden temple but all in all there wasn’t much to see here in Surat Thani in fact there wasn’t much of anything. Perhaps it’s because we were in the town but this was nothing like the Surat Thani I had read about. We bumped into a couple who were also experiencing the difficulty of actually finding something to do here & when we finally found the only place open to grab a bite to eat low & behold they too were sat inside.
We quickly came to the conclusion that one night here was more than enough.