Arriving into Krabi quite early we took the opportunity to explore where we were staying & get our bearing when we stumbled upon such a wondrous temple. Lining the windy steps upto the temple was an enormous dragon. The temple its self was very simplistic being all white & the grounds were huge.

Cozy bar was such a little find, it had the most welcoming & relaxing atmosphere. The bartenders were very friendly asking of our names & how long we were around for. Furnished with seattes we made ourselves comfortable as we set into a game of Jenga & our first of many Changs. Live music blessing our ears as the night progressed.

Naong beach is where the adventure started for our island hopping tour & this is where we would be first getting on board the speedboat.
Bamboo island was a 45 minute journey away, pure white sands & crystal clear waters Bamboo island was breath takingly beautiful. It amazes me that such paradise exists in this world.
A 20 minute ride later we were in the middle of Phi Phi, Don sea where the snorkelling took place. Me being a massive wetter didn’t partake as my ridiculous fear of basically not being able to swim & dying once again overtook. Sophie after a little persuasion how ever jumped right in she said it was good but not great as there weren’t actually a lot of fish. It was then a 5 minute drive to the other side of the island where we had lunch.
Once lunch had been devoured it was off to Monkey island! There were so many of them just running around freely. It was pretty insane to see.
We then rode another 20 minutes through a glorious lagoon it still amazes me how incredibly beautiful these places are.
Our last stop was Maya beach which don’t get me wrong was lovely but it was so crazily busy that it completely ruined what should have been the tranquility & amazingness of this place. I felt like I was laying on a high street in New York
.Pretty ironic considering “The Beach” was based on this not being allowed to happen.

It’s worth mentioning that was here in Krabi where I experienced my first ever upside down moon & it was mesmerising.

Our first long tail boat ride took us to Railay beach. This place was something I could never have imagined & it was so worth the wait. When we arrived at the island we had to walk along a floating pier which was an experience in itself. We explored the island & walked through caves to come out to a beach on the other side. On the east side lay an incredible beach cocooned by grassed cliffs & long tailed boats lined the shore.

Tiger temple was unfortunately being restored when we visited but it was still stunning & on a much larger scale than we had yet seen. we wondered around & ended up inside the cave temple which had 3 monks inside at the time performing a prayer which is just the most beautiful sound. On our exploration we came across some stairs which were said to lead to viewpoint. We thought we’d have no problem tackling the somewhat 1,200 stairs… what the little signpost failed to say was that these stairs were practically vertical & i only managed 390 before it all got too much & I realised I was actually suffering with vertigo. Yay, fears. I made my way down & once I was on solid grounded headed over to a colourful shrine where there was also a waterfall with lots of monkeys roaming around!