The ceramic pot gallery was certainly a little find. we hadn’t even heard of this place until out receptionist at space 59 recommended we check it out, something to do before the bat cave this afternoon.
When we arrived it looked more like an outdoors art studio. Ceramic figurines, tea cups & animals dotted around all the other weird & wonderful creations. We spent a good couple of hours here & there was plenty to see. Some parts even resembled a pot graveyard. Pots stacked upon pots it was pretty bewildering.

It took us around 45 minutes to reach the Bat Cave & we once again had the same tuk-tuk driver as we had earlier on in the day. He was a lovely man & arranged to come & pick us up at 6.30.With a little while until sunset we decided to take the opportunity to explore the surrounding area. Fortunately the bat cave was situated amongst some temple s so off we went into the first one. A monk approached us & gestured for us to pick up a stick which looked like an arrow so of course we obliged. Looking around there were many of these sticks with money inside so ahead we went & placed in 20 Bhat. The monk then gestured for us to kneel & bow so of course we did popping our arrows in a holder. Proceeding over to a gold statue we had to rub 3 gold leafs upon it & sit in front of the monk. He went on to splash us with water & hit us on the head, with what looked like a fan on a stick, several times. He then said something to us which of course we didn’t understand all shared a laugh & nodded goodbye. to this day this is still one of the most surrealist experiences of my life. We had been blessed by a monk?!
We carried on snooping around outside & came across a lot of monkeys roaming around outside the bat cave.
Around 6.15 the sun began to set. Slowly but surely the bats bean to emerge from their caves with little people around to embrace what was going on made this experience feel so much more special. When they had got into the swing of things 1000’s of bats leaving their cave, they created the most beautiful patterns in the sky. What an unbelievable sight I was witnessing.
This is a day I hope I never forget.