Our first stop was a railway which had been bombed by the japanese in World War II. We had to follow the railway track which was all well & good until we reached the bridge where there was just a thin stip of middlle along the middlle to walk across. There was a cave along the way which was pretty cool & had a Buddha statue inside but the we had to cross the bridge. It’s safe to say I was little more than just nervous. We were very high up & the only upside of having to tackle this obstacle was the breathtaking scenery we could see from this height, looking across the river over to the distant mountains. We passed numerous monks along the way who all asked to take photographs of us. This had become somewhat of a recurring theme & we were kind of used to strangers asking to take our photographs now.
It was then on to Hellfire Pass where there was a museum about the British & Australian prisoners of war who were forced to make the railway we walked along by the Japanese. Here at Hellfire Pass there was more railway that we followed running through mountains & now forrests.
The drive on to the National Park was just incredible mountains lining the landscape with nothing but desert surrounding them.
There were 7 stages to Erawan waterfall & it involved lots of mountain/rock climbing. Stairs up & down & bridge crossing. We made it to stage 6 & as we were off to number 7 a park ranger came down to tell us it was now closed due to the sunset fastly approaching. Even though we didn’t make it to the top we still saw some amazing sights with waterfalls gracing each stage.