Here in Ayutthaya we embraced cycling & nothing seemed more exciting than to be on a bike exploring unknown territory. On out first cycle trip we only had a few hours of daylight left but did manage to see a few of the old temples that still stood from the Burma invasion.
The day after we spent an epic 5 hours cycling to & through the otherside of town & of course ended up completely losing our bearings. In the midst of being lost a lovely local woman asked us where we were going & hopped on her moped to sow us the way to the boat to get across the river. Once the boat arrived we had to cycle on board & perch on them until we reached the otherside. We also stumbled upon a maze of a park which we seemed to be trapped in for hours. There were so many routes I thought we’d never find the exit not to mention the lethal remains of bridges we had to cross to get to the other side. It was all fun & games though right?
We also visited all the old grounds of remaining temples & it was just mesmerising. Ayutthaya certainly had a charm of its own.