Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a wondrous place full of little treasures. We stumbled upon numerous temples all very different from previous ones we had explored. Here is where I saw my first black temple & it was extrodianry decorated in gold. Then there was the red temple which was just exquisite lined with flowers & ponds filled with turtles & the sky lined with floating umbrellas & bells. It felt magical to be here.
The elephant sanctuary is truly an inspiring place. All the elephants that were here were rescued, working, injured elephants & the people who worked here nursed them back to health & hoped that one day it would be safe enough for the elephants to be released back into the wild. unfortunately with the way things are in the tourism business right now that would not be any time soon.
These elephants were given acres of land to roam around & do as they pleased. The elephants would come to you if they wanted but you would not go & harass them. We had the privilege of being able to feed, stroke & even bathe them which was an incredible experience. Our guide told us about every elephants history & their story.
Oasis rooftop bar was a nice little find & when we decided to venture there the sun was setting across the mountain that lay in front of us once darkness had descended fireworks went off right in front of us. Another movie moment.
Suan Buak Hat park was another little find an open green park accompanied by a lake & people doing yoga. This was a lovely place to spend time just chilling out in the city.
The night Bazaar in Chiang Mai was something else & the food square here was a truly atmospheric place. Barrels of hay laying on the floor with people socializing or watching the permore play his guitar.
The Temple in the National Park was worth the view of Chiang Mai but to say the waterfall was a disappointment would be an understatement. Unless we were unlucky enough to find the wrong one I didn’t really understand what the hype was over it. There was barely a trickle. Perhaps it was because of it being hot season but I was underwhelmed.
Huay Lake is a must go. There were barely any people around & no tourists. The roads were quiet & the lake breathtakingly beautiful surrounded by the greenery of mountains. It felt so peaceful here & this is another image I hope to never forget.