It’s safe to say Pai stole a little of our hearts & I think that has a lot to do with how it looked when we arrived. After trawling through the winding mountains, up & down, for 4 hours to be welcomed into the streets all lit up by fairy lights & lanterns was just amazing. The atmosphere here instantly felt welcoming & exciting.
The food that was available here was incredible & soooo many vegetarian options. I felt like I was in heaven.
The place we were staying, Mountain View, was awesome. The guy who owned it was extremely helpful giving us a map & circling all the places we could visit. He then went on to ask us if we were going to be getting mopeds to which we explained we had never driven before. He informed us about a guy named Alan who provided lessons & that was it our minds were made up. Off to Alan we went. He taught us everything we needed to know & in just half an hour we were off to rent a moped of our own! We tackled a very steep hill (practically vertical & very scary) to get to viewpoint & it didn’t disappoint. You could see for miles & once again the scenery was breathtaking. Driving a moped at night night was also extremley fun & made my longing to get an official motorbike licence even more so.
The witching well is such a captivating cute little bar/restaurant themed basically like halloween & the food there was divine.
The night market here in Pai was just something else. It lined the entire street filled with street performers, artists, musicians & food. This place just had such a buzz about it I could understand why people planned to visit for 2 weeks & ended up staying for 2 months.
The hot springs were definitely worth a visit even though we heard quite a few people complaining about the price even though it was relatively cheap. The water felt so silky & warm I never wanted to get out.
the canyon was pretty spectacular to see too, we saw it once by daylight & again by sunset. Both very beautiful but sunset always wins especially when it comes to just sitting & admiring its beauty.
There was also a pool we visited. Now I can’t remember the name of this pool but when we were there the owner came out & annouced ” free beer for everyone” & went on to throwing bottles of beer in to the pool. Another movie moment.