Chiang Rai

Wat Rong Khun was such an epic temple. It was much darker representing the underworld ironically being white. Hanging heads in tress & sculptures of hands surfacing from the ground. when we entered the temple there was an artist still painting the walls covered in stories. Inside the grounds there was a fabulous wishing well where we had a go at tossing in our Bhats & one of mine landed in the middle! I can only presume that means good luck?
It was a 1400 km climb up hill to reach Khon Khun waterfall. It was amazing just to be able to walk through the forest & be completely closed in by greenery. We had to cross the stream over bamboo bridges, we were truly in the wilderness. When we reached the waterfall it was everything I imagined a waterfall to be.
Singha park is a glorious place. Lined with hundreds of different flowers upon acres of land it felt good to be able to escape the hustle & bustle for a little while. On valentines day they put on a spectacular event & we spent the entire day here. decorated with all things love & heart the park looked beautiful. Later on in the day was the hot air balloon festival & on the evening the lit up the park with fairy lights & provided entertainment.
What a lovely way to spend your valentines & lovely way to say goodbye to Thailand.