Ghosting Part Two

So this a follow up to my previous post “An introduction to ghosting” & my second scenario of some pretty painful ghosting.
So not all that long ago a guy I went on an amazing date with last year, who then yes you guessed it ghosted me, hit me up after we matched on Bumble (other dating apps are available) He basically apologised for the way he acted last year & let me into the reason why he became so distant. Which now made perfect sense.
I told him where I was at dating wise, I am not up for being fucked & then fucked off, nor am I up for having consistent competition of dating apps & sharing but I made it completely clear that I could still keep things cool between us to which he agreed & went on to say that he didn’t like sharing either.
Now for me this was a massive deal as I find it pretty hard to trust people anyway because of previous experiences but for me to give people a second chance who have already fucked me over is a big no go. I find it extremely difficult.
When he divulged the reasons he ghosted last year, his mum got really sick,  I immediately felt myself trust him again.He knew the current situation with my dad & was extremely supportive. Looking back now I somehow feel manipulated. Like he used our similar situations to his advantage. We spoke about meeting again but once more I noticed the recurring pattern of a week passing with no messages & me always starting the conversation. I approached the situation head on & the first time he gave me the response that I hadn’t done anything wrong, he had just been extremely busy at work & had been travelling around a lot. Although this didn’t explain the reasons for being on whatsapp but still not talking to me…
the second time around this happened & I drunk messaged & said that I missed him & I missed him wanting me. I apologised the next day for being attention seeking but really I don’t think I was sorry at all. If you’re interested in someone you should want someone & you should make it obvious you want them.
Third time around he said he had been away. In between these facades he had implied he was still interested with meeting up & I even offered to take him out when things had settled down at home for being so nice to me to which he replied he wanted to take me out & I should let him have that. So after the third time he asked if I was ok & i said yes & then I said actually no I’m really confused. I told him I felt vulnerable as I don’t usually let people who have already hurt me have a second chance to hurt me again & said I felt he was just using every other fuck boys ghosting method on me to which he went to ignore! He actively chose to ignore it. How fucking cowardly can you get? He had been online on whatsapp & chose not to read my messages for 4 whole days & not reply!
Way to go to prove my point you asshole. I knew there was a reason I didn’t dish out second chances & he just proved me right.