Buddha Park is a really cool place. There must have been at least 100 different sculptures filling this place beginning with an openmouthed cave leading to the tree of life. For me this place seemed to represent life & death with people of all classes & animals. I concluded it was saying we are all the same, we are all equal no matter who we are & what walk of life we have been given. We all live & we all die. We are not superior to animals, we are animals.
Chao Anouvong Park lays opposite the river banks next to the Mekong & is the perfect place to find some shade & relax. This is also where the night market takes place & transforms from a tranquil place to hustle & bustle of trading stalls.

Luang Prabang

When we arrived in Luang Prabang it was early morning & monks were performing the daily Alms giving ceremony. There were hundreds of them lining the streets.
Luang prabang really does have a charm about it.
We went on a sunset cruise along the Mekong Delta which was really lovely & included free drinks so of course we were happy.
Kuang Si Falls is just an exceptional place. I had never seen water so blue until we got here. It is absolutely mind blowing that places like this exist in the world.once we had explored the waterfalls & reach what we thought to be the end we discovered some steps & took on the mission that lay ahead of us. We climbed the biggest mountain & reach the top where a long pool of water lay & a French couple greeted us asking if we knew the way to the secret waterfall. We didn’t & we couldn’t find it but all the exploring was worth it. Once we had got back down to the lagoon it seemed only right to cool down & enjoy this piece of beauty. The water was freezing & I grinned & bared it as long as possible but an hour was just enough for me to feel the heat of the sun on my skin again was a blessing.
We  also visited the Kuang Si Butterfly Park where the waterfall ran through it, still with a pronounced beautiful blue colour. There was also a
pond with fish in that ate the dead skin of your feet so obviously we had to give that a go. Yes, it did feel as weird as you’d expect it too but pretty cool that these guys were just in their natural habitat in the great outdoors.Butterflies flying around everywhere. This was just incredible.
Among the night market in Luang Prabang there was a secret side street which just had to be the best discovery. This side street was like a food hall with vegetarian buffets costing just £1.50. Seriously this food was just something else & the baguettes they did opposite this street were incredible. Like no other baguette I have ever had.
La Pistoche was an incredibly nice chilled pool to hang out at. There were 3 sections, one for kids & the other 2 were connected by a hot tub all completed with a pool bar. The perfect way to spend a day.
Bamboo Tree restaurant was exceptional for service. We were warmly greeted by all the staff & brought over a complimentary cocktail & nuts. The food was nice but a little expensive & a definite treat but it was nice to treat yourselves once in awhile.
On a little trip we went on put together by a local tour company we stopped off a Naknua Village where we saw how they made all the silk scarves, & beautiful drawings. Then we visited Whiskey Village where you guessed it they made whiskey. Not just whiskey though wine too made out of rice & we all had to try it. It tasted strange almost like vinegar & the whiskey didn’t taste to much like anything it just burnt like hell.
Pak-Cu cave was the next stop via a short boat journey. After climbing a gazillion steps finally getting into the cave was a little under whelming. Of course it was beautiful but it was not what I was expecting after being such a popular tourist attraction.